Facility Rental Rates:

Please Call Diane for all rentals: 780-906-4520

Facility is available to rent from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

  • Private Arena Rental
    • Damage Deposit $300
    • $45/hour using “small lights”
    • $55/hour using “small lights” and heat
    • $65/hour using “large lights”, “small lights”, and heat
    • $650/day (or after 6 hours in a single day)
  • Individual Camping Stall Rental (includes one bag of shavings)
    • $20/night
  • Powered Camping Site
    • $10/night

Minimum 2 hours required when booking facilities.

Fees may be placed in the “Pay Drop Box” inside the arena with provided envelopes.

Renters of the facility will be bound by the following:

I/We agree to rent the Thorsby Haymaker Center from the Thorsby Agricultural Society on the dates provided in the rental agreement.  Our group understands that we are liable for damage to property and building and it is our responsibility to see they are cleaned as when we arrived.  We understand the fees and charges are to be paid in advance and the damage deposit will be refunded when approved by the Arena Manager.  Cancellation must be in written form and received 30 days prior to the event.  Failure to do so will forfeit said damage deposit.

I/We agree that the Thorsby Agricultural Society is not responsible or cannot be held liable for any injury or loss of life to any participant that may occur during the time of the above event(s).  I/We, the renter, accept all liability for any injury or loss of life to participants while the above event is being held.  All renters must have their own liability insurance in place at the time of rental.

All concessions will be provided by the Thorsby Agricultural Society – NO EXCEPTIONS. For concession information please call James and Tasha – 587-337-5436.